Stages to Performance Management
How to Make Performance Mgmt Effective

When asking employees what they would like altered about company performance evaluations in order to be more beneficial, productive, and valued, these are some you have probably heard, but let’s review and clarify for a better understanding.

  • First, have these “performance evaluations” offered at least 2 or 3 times a year.  So much can happen in a year’s time, and if an issue or concern is causing a major problem, waiting a year may be too difficult to tolerate.  Once a quarter may be the most frequent a company would be willing to provide, but having these evaluations done 2-4 times a year would very likely help with employee retention and increase the Bottom Line.
  • Having an Evaluation process that would allow both employee and management a chance to jot down questions or concerns prior to meeting would address the fact that most people have forgotten some issues but with writing these down, a person has a chance to review after noting these and to correct or adjust the data or comments before formally processing.
  • There should be a reasonable amount of time to discuss each other’s information before determining if any actions or “next steps” need to take place.  Additionally, it might be wise to have access to a coach or mediator if there is trouble agreeing on information shared.
  • If there remain differences of perspectives, or if it seems that the employee OR manager would benefit from receiving professional coaching, this should be provided prior to taking any next steps.
  • Should there seems to be a clear difference in perspectives from both employee AND management, a small team of both “employee and management” will be selected to act as a joint panel to decide the best Next Steps for resolution.  They and the Employer will jointly provide the Final Decision/Outcome.
  • A well-designed Performance Evaluation would have a reasonable and efficient process (including coaching) that can determine in a timely manner a fair and effective process to move the business forward and hopefully result with positive attitudes for all.
  • Through a company’s selection of a practical and efficient Performance Evaluation, there should develop a mutual respect and a productive development for all.

Company decision makers should take the time to select and provide thorough support to the chosen Performance Evaluation Program to help strengthen company communication and encourage a healthier workplace environment.  Compass Career Management Solutions is a very experienced human resources-consulting firm, focused on business and career transitions and development.  Talk with us NOW.; 704-849-2500.