How Many Businesses Fail to be Honest?

As a business owner for over 25 years, I am concerned to see so many other businesses, who will scam and avoid being honest or be responsible for poor business ethics.

In addition, as a home owner, we have had painters and landscape firms to only partially do their jobs or do it incorrectly, still expecting to get paid the full amount. Then there are the moving companies, who hire people to move families’ personal belongings/furniture, etc., without ANY professional training, damaging multiple items, and hoping you won’t catch them.

Furthermore, there are online firms that will sell you expensive items, only to leave them crated outside your garage door, leaving you to “haul” the heavy item inside your home, as you hope the item isn’t scratched or broken.

We have even experienced utility firms, who have continued charging for garbage pick-up, even after you have moved and sent notice to discontinue service. Lately, after selling a home, we had the sewage company bill us for a year afterwards, even though we had notified them of our moving!!!

When will such irresponsibility end? And speaking of moving, today, you not only have a hard time finding a credible moving company, who has “trained” their employees about the WHOLE process, but each aspect of a move seems to have different rules and specific (though not posted) contacts, who you were to inform. You cannot “assume” that just because you signed and gave someone the dates you are moving or changed your contact information that you have concluded all that’s needed. You can find out later that this company may have another division that also requires to be contacted, and since no one tells you that, you could be stuck with another financial obligation to the other division.

If you think I am exaggerating, THINK AGAIN. There seems to be very few who give you the full information about anything. My husband and I have been amazed with how many businesses have gotten by with half-truths and lapses of information. It is frustrating! We could easily say “if all others are doing this, why shouldn’t we?” Because we have a conscience and not only not want to take advantage of people, but treat others as we would like to be treated. How would most businesses be graded on “honesty” if it were possible?

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