Importance of Investing in Leaders
Make sure candidate WANTS to be a Good Leader.

Being a leader may not be what you expect.  A Leader is not to be someone who is “all powerful” or one to “dictate everyone else’s life”.  A Leader should be one who is honest, responsible, respectful of others, intelligent, full of integrity, straight-forward, accountable and one who takes the role seriously.  At times a Leader must be tough.  Not everyone can be objective, refraining from being too sensitive to critique subordinates.

Before any employer places an employee in the role of a Leader, Manager, or Executive, the question should be asked of the candidate “if they will commit to be responsible for those in his/her charge”.  If that candidate is not able to commit to such a responsibility, it is better to know that BEFORE announcing or promoting someone for that role. There are those who believe that accepting a leader’s role is the only way to climb the corporate ladder, but some may be better suited to take a different position in an organization.

An effective Leader not only supervises other employees, but also trains them, coaches them, provides constructive criticism, exposes them to credible resources, and occasionally praises them on a job well done.  No one is perfect, therefore, people find that receiving an occasional praise is encouraging.  Leaders should also have scheduled exchanges with candidates to discuss concerns, clarify expectations, note well-done efforts, as well as critique problems.

Each candidate NEEDS an “effective and comprehensive Leadership Training Program”.  As a candidate proceeds through the Leadership Program, it is critically important that the candidate have plenty of opportunities to practice and implement the lessons he/she has learned.  Succeeding “leadership skills” can take repeated exercise in specific areas before they are mastered.  A large part of a Leader’s capabilities is effectively using “people skills”.  Instructing, critiquing, or coaching different topics with different people and personalities can take more practice than imagined.  Therefore, a candidate needs multiple opportunities to practice.

Employers, please remember that not all “good employees” make “good leaders”.  Be sure to ask a candidate IF they WANT to be a leader, as well as WHY.  Leadership Training must be effective.  Talk with Compass Career Management Solutions: 704-849-2500