Integrity = Earns Respect

Your leaders should reflect the Integrity of your Organization

Back in the 1960’s (and earlier) there were many young adults who went away to attend college and who had lead very protected and sheltered lives, thus these young people were not aware or familiar with alternative life styles, such as homosexuals or lesbians.  Thus, a large number of these naiive adults experienced an awkward and sometimes embarrassing period of time as they tip-toed around this new world, trying to gain an understanding of these alternative life styles, without upsetting or embarrassing themselves or others.

Today these topics are widely and openly displayed on TV, movies, books, as well as in the public presence.  Interestingly enough, many of our younger youth are often more aware of these “facts of life” than some adults.  Sadly, many of these men and women living an alternative lifestyle still are still being abused by other adults, who either don’t understand this choice or may even be afraid of the “gay community”.

Even though most of the public is aware of the homosexual segment of our population, there are still many who cannot “accept” this lifestyle and continue to ridicule them.  Yet our laws try to protect the homosexuals in the workplaces.  As time has moved forward, more “differences” are being addresses: i.e. bi-sexual, transgender, etc.  Though our world tries to encourage all to be inclusive and supportive, the more diversity found among people, the more challenging it seems to become to bring some people together.

One set of business professionals, who are faced with the request to be more proactive about this topic in business are the “human resources” professionals.  This is no easy task.  These Human Resources professionals are responsible with attempting to make the working world have a more “fair playing field”.

There are many other areas of the working world that HR is encouraged to focus on and address all workforces to be more respectful and supportive.  Discrimination of all kinds are to be stopped and eliminated.  Therefore, many Human Resources Professionals often need to gather with others in their line of work in order to discuss alternative ways to help or improve their workforces’ engagement and relationships.  By talking with other HR Professionals they may learn of credible resources and resolutions.  This is one very important reason for the creation of the Sr. HR Forum.

Go to, and click on “Career Transition” where one of the sub-topics is “Senior HR Forum”.  Click on this category and learn of our next Sr. HR Forum.  It is believed that you will find this venue of valuable information and support.  There are MANY topics that land on the plate of Human Resources.  Check it out and register for the next Sr. HR Forum.;, or 704-849-2500 .


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