Helping Hands

Helping Others & Accepting Help is a Way of Caring

If you watch ANY TV at all, we have all been inundated with stories of our president and other political figures, the increase of violence, wide-spreading viruses, extreme weather conditions, and the lack of affordable housing, etc.  You could probably count on one hand the number of positive stories being discussed.  With all these issues and others weighing people down, it would be no surprise that our workforces are feeling the stress and finding it hard to think positively.  However, most of us know that it would be a lot worse in other places.

There are countries being run by tyrants, who torture and kill many citizens, and starving much of their population.  Though we would all like for life to be better here in the United States, we need to remember that we are much more fortunate here than in so many other countries.

There is no need to list or name these places, as most of us are fully aware of the world-wide tragedies.  In fact, many of us know friends and families in these other places, and are saddened by their circumstances.  Though some people here will send money to their families elsewhere, too many locations have such extensive corruption that it is a miracle if their relatives are able to purchase their needs as too many have no supplies.

This week’s blog is not the kind of topic that anyone enjoys, and yet it is the reality of today.  Even many of the mission-type organizations aren’t able to cut through the politics and bureaucracy to reach the people with the biggest needs.  Just the same, someone needs to find a way to support and benefit those too weak to fight.

When donating some office supplies to some non-profit organizations in the area, it was interesting to note that these groups have become rather picky about accepting items that may not be “perfect” though useable.  Many places turned down the offer of items saying they wouldn’t use them.  I guess the rumor is right that we have become a “throw-away society”.  What a shame!

However, through our communities, all are encouraged to locate credible organizations who stand accountable to help both those struggling here in the U.S., as well as those in other countries.  We need to try our best.  We never know when WE may need a helping hand.   All are encouraged to accept and share useful items, etc.


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