Insight of Transition Decisions

Understanding the Value of Opportunities
The Winds of Change Bring Opportunities

Companies and businesses have opportunities at times of choosing to participate in a transition, depending on their own status and what other organizations are experiencing.  Some circumstances are influenced by their region’s economic status.  The major factor could include what is happening to the company’s clients.  If a large client has the majority of its customers’ being negatively affected by a series of extremely bad storms and flooding, such sudden catastrophes could be the demise of their large client.

Though weather can be an extremely devastating factor in affecting the status of a business, of which the business owner has NO control, there are also other similar factors.  Lately, we have seen how an unexpected and deadly illness can harm people and businesses around the world.  It seems unlikely that from one person’s sickness, an illness/fever/infectious germs, etc. could spread to others immediately, and without an immediate cure, dozens of people die and the disease continues.  With our society being ones who travel all over the world on a steady basis, clearly the risk of spreading a deadly disease becomes more possible.  This is one reason alone to encourage people to use skype, video conferencing, etc. to reduce the risks.

Furthermore, organizations may find themselves required to process a large downsizing, while more companies, who are experiencing a positive growth pattern, look for healthy, new businesses, who are thriving though maybe struggling to manage the growth or finding resources to channel the growth in the best direction.  When a larger, more experienced firm sees such a rapidly-developing entity (like an “out of control train”), the larger firm may have the “man-power” to take the young business and place all their energy into a direction that can move all that power into areas that benefits more efficiently.  That is an example of how larger, experienced firms have the knowledge, resources, and insight to produce more results successfully.

Consequently, using an “acquisition” to develop your existing business’ knowledge and experience can create better, larger and more effective venues.  Still, the employer, a competent and assertive business person, should always keep his mind sharp, alert, and aware of possible opportunities.  This progressive entrepreneur is set to put his energy to the test.  Without an “open mind” those opportunities could be lost.  Compass Career Management helps to “navigate your future journey”. Seize your opportunities!; 704-849-3500