Use Wisdom to Navigate Changes In Life

A Ship on Rough Seas
Navigating Unpredictable Changes

How many leaders do you know who seem to be competent and successful at “navigating and maneuvering change”?  There are many types of changes, and if not experienced or having a good handle of managing change, a leader could cause more chaos than positive results.

Any change has multiple factors and unexpected challenges.  With that in mind, the person handling this change needs to be prepared for any possible scenario and have a variety of tools in easy reach.  Like the old TV Show “McGeyver”, he always found a good use of “duct tape” to remedy a situation, among other tools.

The fact about “CHANGE” is that it is always full of twists and turns, so the more flexible and creative you are, the better chance you had to survive the ordeal.  With “changes” one never knew what might happen next or from which way the next problem might come.

In business, a key factor is the better you know of the “in and outs” of that industry, the better chance you have to anticipate a possible solution.  It is also an advantage if you have a good working relationship with the workforce.  Even if the leader, treating all with mutual respect will place you in a better position and will likely produce a supportive relationship with all your workforce.  When the business becomes shaky or uncertain, it is best to have a supportive workforce on your side.  That includes always being honest and upfront with your organization.

As the leader of an organization/business, there is a saying that “the buck stops with you”.  That may cause you to feel more stress, but it should also relay that you are “at the reigns”, which should remind you to make wise decisions all along.  You are encouraged to keep as many options open as possible.  Note that each decision doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”.  Also REMEMBER to tap into “credible experts”, like Compass Career Management Solutions.

Consequently, when dealing with changes, keep in mind that “listening” can often allow you an opportunity to learn and gives you time to watch for other alternatives to your situation.  As the “captain of a ship”, keep your eyes open into the distance to watch for problems or solutions.  Compass Career Management is a great resource.  Know your vessel well in order to navigate appropriately.  A LEADER doesn’t need to be a genius to utilize one’s wisdom and resources.   Let us help you with CHANGE!