As the Global Economy Tackles the Coronavirus, How Is Your Industry Affected?

With Wisdom comes Enlightenment

No matter how long I am in this business of “transitions and change”, there is always some kind of “twist or turn” that can leave people scratching one’s head.  The best anyone can do is to think and act “proactively, be flexible, and be open-minded”.  Avoid being stuck in a routine but always look for fresh ideas, using different approaches or unique twists to old ideas.  In fact, don’t wait for there to be a lull in business to look for something new.  Be progressive and innovative.

This is true for approaching different types of clients and vendors, as well as products and services.  Some of your new ideas could be “preventative measures” as well as “corrective measures”.

A friend of mine has extreme acid reflux but likes pizza, so she began ordering pizza without the tomato sauce.  She still has vegies and cheese on the pizza and says it is very good but without the “acid reflux”.  At first I thought “how boring”, but then I saw it and realized that was very clever.

How creative and innovative can you be?  As our economy and global challenges become more encompassing, what changes and adjustments can you make to address some shortages or increased charges in your industry.  The Coronavirus has even caused some negative impact on the jewelry industry, as the county of China has many manufacturers that produce gems, etc.  Another area that China affects is recycling.  These are just two industries that the Coronavirus and China have negatively caused challenges.

Most of us think of the medical and health implications of the Coronavirus that began in China, and that is a BIG issue, this matter continues to cross multiple boundaries.  It is wise that people are taking this situation more seriously — without the panic, by washing our hands thoroughly with soap, avoid shaking hands, reducing travel, etc.  There are many other ways to reduce spreading these germs.  For too long people would go to work sick (not wanting to miss work – but spreading germs to others).  Using wisdom about such things are very important.

Just as individuals are beginning to use smart tactics for themselves, businesses need to think the same way for their companies.  If we think of how to use such strategies for long-term situations, we should be able to reduce health concerns in multiple ways, which will benefit the businesses.  Using these smarter and strategic thought processes, all should benefit.

The Travel Industry is, no doubt, taking a big HIT right now, but there is a lesson here.  Craming so many into a plane where there is limited air circulation can’t be wise.  And no matter what mode of transportation you use, having others in a close proximity who might be sick is obviously NOT wise.  Whether your travel is for work or pleasure, there should be some way to discourage those who are sick to infect others through traveling.  The Traveling Industry should find some way to be more responsible to offer a “healthy” mode of transportation for its passengers.  All industries face challenges and need to think and act responsibly.