A Time to Come Together and Be Positive-Minded and Creative

Supporting Each Other
A Joint Effort to Reach Our Goal

There have been many times over the past decades and centuries when mankind has encountered excessive and overwhelming catastrophes, and we have been able to keep a positive attitude and pull together to manage our way through each one.   Clearly, this has not been easy, and yet our inner strength has pulled us through them.  One reason is our commitment to help each other out.  Our unity and mutual support keeps us strong.

Still, our nation’s and world’s dilemma of the Coronavirus is FAR from over, and we each need to practice extremely good hygiene, as well as keep a safe distance from each other in order to stay healthy and reduce the spreading of this virus.  Cleanliness is a priority.  In addition, if anyone begins to feel especially tired and/or feverish, etc., it is imperative that such persons should stay home.  Going out when not feeling well is risking others to become ill.

The public health/medical officials noted that this virus could continue to spread, though staying and/or working from home can reduce the multiplying of ill patients.  Therefore, do NOT go out unless absolutely necessary.  The school closings and other facilities will, no doubt, cause a hardship for many, but we need to take as many precautions as possible to bring this illness to an end.

No matter what your community status or position in the working world, try to take whatever safe measures that you would like of others.  We are all in this predicament together.  The more diligent we are in our safety measures, the sooner there may be improvements.  Employers, you clearly have a lot at stake as you have lots of expenses and overhead, whether open or closed.  Hopefully, your employees recognize and appreciate that.  Therefore, the more focused we all are in doing our part, the sooner we might bring this tragedy to a halt.

Remember to keep a positive attitude, as well as be respectful and supportive of others.  Let’s try not to bicker and criticize others.  Just like in our working situation, we are in this together and must do all we can to help each other.  Together we CAN make a difference.