How To Keep Morale & Attitudes Positive in the Workplace

Encourage a Positive Attitude
Being Optimistic & Encouraging Others leads to Peaceful & Positive Resolutions

Time passes, and yet the battle against the Coronavirus continues to make our lives grueling and an up-hill battle.  Sadly, there are still many young adults and older teens, who refuse to face or accept reality, and thus behave with defiance and a smuggness, as if to dare the disease to affect them.  This age group (though not all of them) does not want to give into this threat or allow this “villain” to take away their freedoms or keep them from their “fun”.  They, instead, stick their heads into the sand and ignore all reason or advice.

Some of these defiant young people (and some older) who work in businesses are causing more risks to their co-workers and associates.  As these “risk takers” allow themselves to be exposed and inflicted by this invisible virus, as they mix with others will, in turn, expose the co-workers to the virus.  This is so reckless and irresponsible, and yet those taking the risks seem to be oblivious to their part of spreading the Coronavirus.  It is bad enough that they are so willing to infect themselves, but to spread the germs to others who are trying to abide by the rules and precautions is a totally vicious behavior.

Now to take this information and place it in a workplace setting, how is the employer to address the responsibility of managing a business with such inconsiderate, irresponsible employees?  The consequence of those irresponsible employees needs to be equivalent to the risks these blatant employees are imposing on others.  In addition, those risk-taking persons are also placing a very dark cloud over the businesses, who have provided life support to many employees and the community.

Time is of the essence, and all employers are encouraged to give much strategic thought as how to encourage their workforces to instill the urgency to all others about following all health guidelines, and doing all that is possible to improve their community’s health status.  If Business Owners/Employers will strongly urge all in their areas to act responsibly and show respect and caring to all others, this critical message could turn around this life-threatening disease.  Spread the word to “Show You Care for Each Other“!