How to Instill Hope When Surrounded By Negativity

Rainbow Full of Hope
Draw Strength for Hope from Within

Chances are all have seen horrible car accidents too often. You can be having normal day when suddenly a driver becomes distracted, or another car hits the brakes to avoid a dog or something, and an accident occurs. Or you may look away from the road for only a few seconds, and you find yourself in a collision, where your car is now a total disaster.

This can happen to anyone on any day! However, these events can cause the beginning of a series of mishaps, turning your “normal day” into a nightmare. Depending on the extent of a car’s damages and physical injuries for you and/or others, this “nightmare” could be a brief discouraging experience, or a lengthy series of crisis.

In the last 2-3 months, the world has dealt with a unique and puzzling health disaster, that has affected hundreds and hundreds of thousands of victims, many of whom have died much due to this infliction being unknown to our health experts. At first it was expected to be a minimal concern, but this ailment is clearly much more devastating than expected.

Though this disease began on the other side of our Earth, it quickly spread through multiple countries and continued across continents, even affecting people on massive cruise ships. Our healthcare professionals are working outrageous numbers of hours, trying to do everything possible to get this illness under control. Meanwhile, more lives are being taken. Country leaders are taking more and more stringent measures to bring this illness under control, and yet more people are becoming victims. Clearly, we all MUST be extra careful about having any contact with others, as well as using sanitizers and anti-bacterial sprays, etc. There are still some people being too lax about this, making themselves carriers of these germs.

PLEASE remember that each person can help by staying at home, wearing gloves and a face mask when out, and keeping at least 6 feet distance between others. By taking these measures, you can contribute more HOPE and promote positive measures to all around you.

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