How to Make Each Day Count

Helping in Soup Kitchen

Help in soup kitchen

Shop for others in need

Collect food

Each day I wake up thinking, “here starts a fresh day, with countless possibilities, and hopeful that people are taking this Coronavirus serious, and therefore, being more vigilant and compliant about what it will take to bring this illness to an end.  Even if a person WANTS to go out and do whatever they want, it is so important that he/she remembers that whatever they do could very likely be detrimental to others.  (Like the person who coughed on the bus driver, or the hair stylist who was infected by a customer.)  We each must be accountable for how we can harm others.  Keeping one’s distance is showing respect to others and not inflecting your germs on someone else.

Instead of just thinking of what “YOU WANT”, be considerate of others.  Even if you don’t mind getting terribly sick or dying, it is not your right to inflict such germs on others.

Meanwhile, if you are not working or if your hours are being curtailed, think of the many good things that you might do for others.

I know a woman, who is very skilled at sewing, and being one who made clothes for her children, she kept much of the leftover fabric.  Now she is using the fabric to make face masks for family, friends, and others who are working and need this protection.  What a great idea!!!

Those who enjoy drawing or painting are making cards, pictures, banners, etc. to lift the spirits of those who are confined in a hospital or retirement community, etc.

Still others are baking cookies or preparing healthy snacks and meals for some of the healthcare workers or the children in daycare centers, etc.  For those who are not feeling like eating much, making cold jello or fruit cups can put a smile on a face.

There are very young patients, who are sick and kept away from family.  For them you may have the ability to make small stuffed animals or colorful blankets that might bring some comfort to them.

If your community has a “Soup Kitchen”, supplying broth, vegetables, seasonings, as well as biscuits or crackers could provide sustenance to those weak and discouraged individuals.  Perhaps you could even help prepare or serve this to those who may feel lonely and isolated.

How can you utilize your day to benefit others and give your life more purpose.  Even if you have lost your job or had your hours cut, if you have a place to live and clothes on your back, you are blessed.  Chances are many others have worse situations.  Consequently, “MAKE EACH DAY COUNT”.

Though this Virus has caused much pain, tragedy and heart-ache, we each CAN make a difference.  You can complain about it, OR you can make a contribution.; 704-849-2500