Now is the time for New Beginnings

Easter is a Time of New Beginnings
Easter & Spring is a Sign of New Beginnings

With Spring comes lots of reminders of this being the time of year for a “fresh start and new beginnings.”  As the chill of winter diminishes, trees burst full of leaves and flowers pop open everywhere.  Baby chicks and rabbits also begin appearing across the landscapes.  All of these are signs of HOPE.  And this year is definitely one that could benefit from the encouragement of HOPE.

The Coronavirus has made us all clearly aware of how fragile our lives can be.  The normal flu can be devastating enough, but this Coronavirus has taken an additional toll of the number of lives lost.  This reminds us how important it is to take extra good care of ourselves.  The COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate and takes the lives of all ages, cultures, races, genders, etc.

The stories of youths having school graduations cancelled, weddings either postponed or dramatically altered, special birthdays reduced to drive-by celebrations, or the births of babies being tightly secured to avoid being exposed to germs, etc., have seriously dampened in an effort to keep people safe, and yet have celebrations curtailed.  It is no wonder that many battle depression or anxiety.  Still, wisdom has taught the importance of being cautious.

On the other hand, though there are many to be losing their jobs, we must remember to be thankful for the positive aspects of our lives.  Though we may have weeks or months of misery and disillusionment, the sun will come out for us in the future.  We all will have “down days”, but we can all help others to see the “silver lining” ahead.  Be sure to offer some “sunshine and rainbows” to those having a difficult time.  Wrap them in your smiles and encourage everyone to be supportive of each other.

Remember to think positively and share your joy.  We are all living through these times together.  Some us may have tougher circumstances and challenges than others.  Therefore, try to be sensitive, supportive, and empathetic.   As we say, “the winds of change bring opportunities.”  Let’s take one day at a time.