How to Prepare to Re-Open Business When Each Day Changes

Don't Be Afraid of Change
Start with a Bridge to a New Beginning

If you are listening to the different media (radio, TV, Internet, Newspapers…), there may be variances of information shared, but much is also the same.  The Coronavirus is still “center stage” with little else even coming close.  Occasionally, the upcoming elections are touched on, but even other topics are related to the Virus: run on groceries, discussion on masks and gloves, the hardships of small businesses, all those dealing with lack of funds, the construction industry, the tremendous burden and appreciation of healthcare workers, etc.

So even when any area, city, region tries to re-open for business, what will businesses have to do to be prepared?  Will employers be able to find enough healthy people to work?  Will there be any people with money to make purchases?

There is a growing number of people who won’t have homes due to lack of funds.  Therefore, where can people live and be able to work?  Many who have filed for unemployment still have not received their money, and therefore cannot purchase groceries or pay bills.

Employers will need to devise a way to help employees until money begins to recirculate.  This could take weeks, if not months, and could be needed for dozens, if not hundreds and hundreds of people.  Compass Career Management Solutions has been in the business of CHANGE since 1994.  You may be amazed at what may happen.

Many stores are already experiencing empty shelves.  Will the business owners be able to get enough supplies and products in time to meet the needs of the public?  As you can see, there seems to be as many questions as answers.  The two priorities in this scenario is a HUGE need for patience and time.

What are business owners doing to prepare for this upcoming CHANGE?  It was bad enough to close the doors and release employees, but preparing to RE-OPEN may be even harder.  Some business owners may have even already lost their businesses, unless the bank or lenders are abundantly gracious.

The Bottom Line is each business owner MUST make a PLAN on how to prepare for the chance to re-open their businesses.  Check out your resources.  Encourage those you trust to offer suggestions or ideas.  You never know who may have just the creative solution to your situation.  This is one transition that is different from others.  Be open minded and “think outside the box”.  Also, “think positive”.  Amazing things can happen, especially when you try.