Considerations About Whether to Re-Open Businesses in the Charlotte Metro

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There are a mixture of thoughts and opinions about whether to re-open businesses now or when.  COVID-19 is still infecting more people in the Charlotte Area and beyond.  The status of COVID-19 does vary from one area, county, region, state, etc.  Some rural areas have been able to keep the virus out totally, but not all.  If you were to ask families who have lost relatives due to the Coronavirus, I imagine you would hear those with much stronger feelings.  Others who have not had anyone close to be affected may say, “what’s the big panic?”  As you have surely heard, the Coronavirus has hit some people more than others.  Those who are older, have existing serious illnesses (heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, etc.), the black population seem to be more vulnerable, etc.  Clearly, some are more at risk.  What percent of the population is this?  They could be ones to get out to more businesses and could infect others.

Who is to say whether re-opening businesses is the right thing to do?  Obviously, business owners are concerned about the life of their businesses.  Their businesses are their “livelihood”.  Those affected by the opening or closing of businesses include the owner, employees, vendors, and customers.  What does each group say?  They each have a vested interest.  Is it worth the risk for each business to open?

Another consideration is the value of different businesses.  For instance, drug stores or pharmacies are considered a necessity, and most would agree.  Utilities would surely be rated as a necessity.  What about restaurants?  From years of business ownership, I realize if a restaurant doesn’t have consistent patronage or steady customers, they seldom survive.  Those are the ones who most often close, as well as those who do not have healthy scores by public officials.  What other businesses would you rate high for being open?  Banks, doctors, dentists, grocery stores are necessities.  There may be some who could more easily work by phone or virtually, i.e. insurance firms.  Those businesses that must be hands-on or physically involved: auto repair garages, medical equipment supplier, phone or TV repairs, plumbers, electricians, etc. all need to handle to repair items.

This list could go on and on.  For some, a business may not be considered important enough to re-open, but for those customers, it could be viewed just the opposite.  The bottom line is how high is the risk for a customer to use a business that has a high chance of exposing either to the virus?  Everyone will have a different opinion, but for those who have had loved ones to die from the virus, their perspective could be more justified.  Whatever guidelines we are given,  we should try to respect them.  Although a person needs to remember that his/her choice shouldn’t impose on another’s choice.

As for those business owners, if you need help to determine those important steps in preparation of “re-opening”, Compass Career Management is here for you.  All are encouraged to stay safe and healthy and respectful of each other.  Visit: