Ideas to Help Employers Prepare to Re-Open Businesses

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Now that many people have been working from home (or used to being at home during work hours), what have these people found that they would like to have when returning to work? Not all people like working from home. Here are some observations and different preferences that Employers may want to consider when re-opening businesses:

  • One option is for employees to be given a choice of working from home full-time (where the employer provides those tools and resources needed), OR to work from home 3 or 4 days a week, coming into the office 1 or 2 times. (Some feel isolated at home and miss or need employee interaction.)
  • Some employees would rather have flexible hours, to help with family needs/obligations.
  • Consider having designated employees who can switch routines and hours with each other – possibly expanding the skills of both employees. This could help to cover for days off or sick days.
  • Set up a Supervisory Training Program where employees can receive “on the job training” to be a back-up or replacement when employees’ leave or absence.
  • Arrange a “Mentoring Program” to offer extra support to those employees who need help learning their roles by those who excel and are effective training others. (The Mentor would receive a bonus or extra pay for this effort.)
  • For those employees who are retirement age, more are giving serious thought to retiring now and not returning to work. How will that affect employers and their businesses?

Other areas connected with employees’ situations affecting their future include:

  • Since many employees have had to use their savings or retirement money, they may request an increase in pay. Will employers be able to accommodate them?
  • What benefits might employees request when returning to work?
  • Would employers be willing to provide “child care” in order to get employees back?

Ideas for employers in helping them to re-open their businesses:

  • Employers may consider asking employees for ideas to help them grow their skills or in which areas employees would be willing to improve or develop their capabilities?
  • What other changes might employees suggest in order to strengthen their employers’ businesses? (When employees are more involved or invested, they are likely to find ways to be more committed to their employers.)

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