Are You Prepared for Today’s Job Search

Prospective Leaders

When was the last time you were in a job search? 5, 10, 15 years ago? Today’s competition is likely to be much tougher. See these sharp-looking professionals in this photo? This is just a small sampling. The fellow job seekers are more talented than before. Many have substantial experience, as well as being current in their areas of expertise, articulate, and creative problem solvers.

The Coronavirus has hit a LOT of industries, causing many companies to make tough decisions about employee reduction, and be assured many of these were difficult to release. Therefore, now as businesses are preparing to ramp back up, they will closely scrutinize candidates in order to select the very best ones. Though life is still fragile and uncertain, employers will be exceedingly careful in choosing the very best candidates possible. Employers will look for those with lots of good experience, and who are ready take the necessary risks to drive a business “full steam ahead”. Any new hires will need to have the knowledge, experience, and talent to “make things happen”!

Though there is a chance that the Coronavirus could rekindle its threat, the new employees will be expected to strengthen the firm to fight off any risks. Furthermore, those newly hired professionals will face high expectations, while being provided the resources and tools to help them succeed in all efforts. Employers have learned how important it is to invest in their key people and be supportive anyway possible.

With all this in mind, the point being made is that those Job Search Candidates of today must be well organized, clear about what they can do for a company, be sure to keep themselves current in their line of work, and approach their Job Searches as strategically as possible. Networking is crucial, but their overall Job Search process must be focused and consistent.

There can’t be enough said about the importance of a strategic and effective job search process. A person’s routine during a job search is to be orderly and productive. A professional Job Search Coach can make a distinctive difference. In addition, all must take good care of his/her health. The fact is all of our lives have changed since the Coronavirus began, and it may never be the same as before. It is critical that everyone be responsible and careful not to infect others.

This reality is for everyone, including employers and employees. What have you learned in order to be of support to your employer to help with this Coronavirus? Be aware of Compass Career Management Solutions.