Mothers, The Inspiration and Foundation for our Future Generations

The Value of Structure & Respect
How to Develop a Responsible, Respectful Individual

You may be seeing a lot of reminders of Mother’s Day, but I truly believe it is deserving of the emphasis.  Not to knock Dad’s — they are special, too.  I used to take the exemplary image and expectations of mothers for granted.  I know that I had a hard-working and caring mother, but I have noticed over the past couple of generations that not all mothers have the same high standards and commitment to their role in life.  We at Compass Career Management encourage high integrity and respect for each other.

I was the youngest of three children.  There were several years between us, so by the time they left home, I had the full attention of my parents.  My mother began working outside of the home when I started school, and that lead me to become more independent and helpful.  For instance, I began helping to cook dinner by the age of 9.  My father even bought me a cookbook geared for children.  As a bookkeeper, my mother later taught me how to budget money, handle a checkbook, make wise choices in regards to purchases, etc.

Though most mothers today work outside the home (or in home, especially today), I’ve noticed many children watching a lot of TV, playing with their computers, and talking on their cell phones for hours.  I don’t mean to criticize, but I wonder how those children remember this as they get older?  Or how will they manage their own children in the future?

When my children were 7-8 years old, I became a Cub Scout Den Leader.  I had the troop of boys meet in my home.  After one evening’s meeting, one of the boys (who was a little rambunctious) never had his parents to pick him up.  The look on that boy’s face relayed a sadness of being “forgotten”.  I called the boy’s home and got no answer.  Finally, my husband and I drove the boy to his home.  The parents had returned home by then, but had forgotten to pick up their son.

In more recent years the media has drawn attention to children being neglected, mistreated, starved, and even forgotten in a car for hours and some have died.  What does this say about the priorities that some people place on the responsibilities of parenthood?  Obviously, most parents are NOT this way.

Following this train of thought, we need to remember that those neglected, abused children become the next generation of parents.  As I hear of the poor treatment and neglect of children, I also consider the impact of those good mothers (and fathers), as well as teachers, who are with the children for so many hours each day.  My father was a high school English and Journalism teacher.  After his death and even in recent years my siblings and I have heard from some of his students, praising my father for his high standards and teaching respect in class.  He would refer to the student as “Mr. or Miss” (last name) and encouraged all to behave responsibly and politely.

With this type of rearing of children by parents and teachers, we have a better chance of having respectful and responsible adults.  If you wonder what all this has to do with “business”, be aware that such structure and discipline will develop more respectful and responsible adults in our business world.  The main point to this blog is to make each of us aware how the core of creating such a high ethical future generation begins with the loving support and commitment of conscientious mothers (and fathers).  If after a day of managing your children, you happen to feel drained or tired, please remember that your efforts are the investment in the foundation of our future.  Thanks to all those hard-working and dedicated mothers, who not only care about their children but are due the respect for their dedication for their children — who are our future!!!  Sincere thanks!!!