Are You Responsible for Your Future and How Do You Begin?

Understanding the Real You
Learning Your True Passions & Priorities

Look in the mirror and carefully study the face you see.  Keep looking and ask what kind of person do you see?  Is the image of someone you believe appears sincere, honest, credible?  What could you see that person doing in life?  Do they appear patient, understanding, or more aggressive, preferring a more challenging life?  (In today’s volatile world, it is even more critical to select the best fitting career for yourself.  Plus you will have to work extra hard in attaining that career goal.)

As you consciously study that face in the mirror, try to imagine what kind of career would match the person, the personality, what is important to that person and then ask him/her what kind of work would allow him/her to feel fulfilled and content with their role in life.

You can ask others what career they would like, but you are not them.  Your parents nor your friends can tell you what drives you or resonates within you that would give your life meaning and purpose.  You can research other occupations and learn if those roles may be the kind of work that would interest you and instill the pride that you are seeking.  In fact, you should research other careers and be sure you know what kind of life an occupation would include.

The bottom line is that only you can determine which career and occupation would give your life purpose and meaning.  In addition, you should also learn what kind of earnings you would likely make in that position.  The reality is “would you earn enough to cover those expenses you know that you would want for your life?”  This is important!  Learning what kind of work you would like doing day after day, what kind of life style and expenses could this job cover and would this occupation’s pay be adequate to cover the life you want for yourself?  Note that only you can determine what position you would value.

Now look in that mirror again, and see if you can imagine yourself in that role?  Are you willing to work hard to attain this position?  The qualities you must have include: well organized, accountable, hard-working, and one to persevere to attain your goals.  You must be honest with yourself and then be ready to commit to your future, as YOU are responsible for your future!  The fact is your future is in your hands.