Be Sensitive of Employees’ Emotions re: Re-Opening

emotional employees

After multiple weeks of working and staying at home, people have had to consciously develop a new routine and mindset in their new environment, trying to adapt and adjust themselves and family members in order to get as much of their work done as possible with positive results.  Many people have been fighting with depression and anxiety for weeks.

Then when the government and employers decide to reopen the workplaces, the adjustment can be just as challenging.  In fact, Health experts have informed the public, as well as community leaders, that this return to work could experience some bumpy days and weeks as people try to shift gears in their work routines.  So many have also faced major financial issues.  Employers and community leaders need to be very aware and prepared to see some higher levels of emotions as workers and families struggle to swing back to their previous schedules.  It won’t be easy and has similarities to shifting the “daylight savings” patterns.

With this return some employees won’t sleep well for weeks, while children may regress and battle feelings that they don’t understand.  Parents will need to be patient, and employers need to allow some leniency for a while.  Meanwhile, those same employers may feel the pressure to show a high level of productivity.  This will be a BIG adjustment for all concerned.

With all this in mind, it shouldn’t be of any surprise that emotions and temperament will likely be escalated.  Tempers can easily flare, and feelings can be riled and irritated.  Again, all need to be encouraged to continue the social distancing, while also giving each other more emotional space.  In time, the atmosphere and our emotions will ease up.

Employers should seriously consider a “phased or gradual return” of the workforce, and even allow for some extra breaks during the day for a while to give everyone a chance to ease back into routine.  Mental Health is just as important as physical health.  Be respectful of each other!  Any form of transition has various unexpected emotions.  If in need of professional support, consider Compass Career Management Solutions.; 704-849-2500