Ideas for Working Parents Dealing with Home Schooling

Student-Teacher Stand Off

                                                                                                                    POOR TEACHING EXAMPLES

Teaching is not as easy as many may think, especially if the students are your own children. Many students are not comfortable for their parents to take the role of their teachers, just as many parents find teaching their children to be very stressful. Keep in mind that the parents are likely to also working on their own jobs at home. This makes the parents’ workloads to be overwhelming. The relationship between parent and child verses teacher and child should be quite different. The parent-child relationship involves a lot of emotions, where the teacher-child relationship should be impartial, unbiased and objective. This is the initial rub when parents play the roles of their children’s teachers.

The students’ actual teachers are likely to still be involved, and it is important for parents to have an honest conversation with their child/student early in this teacher-student scenario to clarify their roles, as well as relay your expectations and explain how critical it is for your student do their best and not expect you to be “easy or lax” with them regarding the school work to be done. It is recommended to set up consequences to be clear at this time. You, as teacher, will need to be firm about those consequences and follow through with them.

The school day routine should also be set and followed to be sure and have the student accomplish all tasks. The more the parent/teacher keeps “on task” and follows a structured classroom routine, the more likely the student will accomplish the work and feel good about him/herself. Include in the student’s routine to have bathroom breaks, as well as time to get some fresh air or take short relaxing periods. The parent/teacher should remember to offer clear instruction on the work to be done without “doing the work for their student”.

It would be helpful for the parent to also seek credible and effective resources for the student, when he/she needs additional help with school work. Talk to the student’s actual teacher for possible resources (other teachers, librarians/media professionals, etc.) Be sure to offer fair praise (without being excessive) when your student proves resourceful and accomplishes extra good work. As the parent/teacher, you may also find useful and effective resources that might help to strengthen the lessons. This could be a big help in growing and developing your student. The efforts you show could enhance the future of your student. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice when this teacher-student relationship becomes tense. Compass Career Management Solutions can also be a resource! Let us know if we can help.