The Many Sides of this Pandemic Experience

Health Safety Precautions

Health Safety Precautions

Make-Shift  Care Centers

Make-Shift Care Centers

Labwork on COVID-19

Labwork on COVID-19

There are so many aspects to this Coronavirus and all of its affects and issues/challenges. At first there is the important health research. lessons and considerations, as well as the facts that are still being sought. All the precautions are a challenge in itself, as well as doing whatever is possible to care for those victims. And as the number of people become infected, the needs continue to grow.

people wearing masks
hand washing
empty store shelves

Next, the public is informed of precautions they must take, i.e. washing hands with soap frequently, wearing masks and gloves, and then when it comes to supplies to have on hand, the public is finding that many people buy more supplies than needed, leaving a shortage for others. Many items are impossible to find in the stores – even toilet paper, paper towels, Lysol spray, etc. And with a huge number of people released from their jobs, finances are an immediate concern. Not only for food but paying rent, and all other bills, while Business Owners are in real jeopardy of losing their businesses.

empty church
empty classroom
empty subway station

In addition to all the illnesses, the inability to go to work, schools, or churches, no socialization is allowed, and social distancing is critical in the battle of the Covid-19. Therefore, churches are empty, along with classrooms and parking garages. But this is not all.

empty airport
working from home
parents arguing

Needless to say, with most being told to stay at home and get out ONLY for necessities, and travel being extremely limited with the concern for catching the virus on an enclosed airplane, the airports have been fairly empty, and airplanes have been parked for weeks. This aspect of the pandemic has caused increased depression and volatile emotions as most people feel so isolated.

Meanwhile a very large portion of people are working from home, and with schools closed, parents are responsible for teaching their children their school lessons. This has added more stress to those parents working from home. Parks, gyms, salons, restaurants, beaches, movie theaters, and much more have been closed for weeks or months. With people requested to stay home, the tension, emotions, and anxiety continues to build. Social Distancing (stay 6 feet apart) has not always been easy. This routine, if continued much longer, could lead to more divorces and deeper depression.

Some priorities to help the public manage to take good care of themselves include eating healthy, getting plenty of good rest, planning some form of exercise daily, participate in activities to keep your brain strong and alert, allow some time for quiet meditation/relaxation, and some form of levity to keep your morale and spirits healthy. It may sound easy, but this can be a real challenge

family baking
family going for a walk
mother-daughter spa time

People need to be realistic while making a strong effort to include some fun and relaxing time together, plus use some quiet, private time for everyone to relax. Examples include “cooking together, taking walks, playing “salon at home”, finding a good book to read or some quiet meditation.” One important focus for serious thought is to prepare for how to adjust when businesses begin to re-open, as well as schools, and your routine changes again. A great idea for employers is to design a gradual or phased routine to help all to adjust to the changes. Of course, one big lesson from this is to continue using good hygiene and include some social distancing to keep your family healthy and safe.

Transitions of all kinds can cause some frustration and stress, but try to be patient as the changes take place. Eventually, we will all find ourselves into a “new normal”. Compass Career Management Solutions are experts in “transitions”. You are welcome to visit our website: 704-849-2500.

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