How Is Charlotte Affected by the Coronavirus Compared to Other Cities

Positive Image of Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC – A City of a Proactive & Hopeful Future

Charlotte, North Carolina has been a growing and thriving community for many decades. It is an attractive city that sits in the center of the southern border of North Carolina, just above the South Carolina border. With an international airport, and being located about a 3-hour drive from the coast, this offers two benefits: 1) It has attracted many well-known and active businesses. 2) Being close to the coast is another asset. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. In fact, Charlotte was recently noted to have become a larger city than San Francisco, which is, no doubt due to the many people moving here often. The Charlotte Chamber has said that Charlotte has about 60 people moving here each day. In fact, more people continue to move to Charlotte with its comparatively moderate temperatures (no harsh winters and medium-hot summers compared to California, Texas, Florida, etc.).

However, the Coronavirus has definitely packed a deadly punch to much of the Carolinas, as it has done to many other locations. Charlotte is known for its many flowering trees and bushes. With this in mind, it is understandable that the Carolinas have a healthy agriculture industry. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, much of the vegetation and side products (i.e. milk, etc.) has not been able to be sold or used. Farmers have had to find creative ways to share this or dump all these healthy products. There is a large number of manufacturers in the Charlotte area, though many have had to close due to the virus and people working so closely together.

Though we are also known to provide a healthy atmosphere for growing new small businesses, when our state had to close the doors of all non-essential businesses, it is and still will cause many to permanently close.

Our government is trying its best to get our population healthy, and having a vibrant higher education population should help, though currently we have many younger adults pushing the envelope, reducing the social distancing and jeopardizing others around them. As this has happened, our numbers of Coronavirus victims have increased.

The key factors with the Covid-19 is the need to screen and avoid unhealthy circumstances. The other point is by staying “socially distanced” from each other, as well as using masks and gloves. Though some may feel this dampens their morale, such steps are needed. Therefore, continue to follow the rules and be supportive of each other. Being cautious can save lives! Those states who are more rebellious and risk takers are jeopardizing others.