Changing Thought Processes to Survive

Change is Consistent
Be Open-Minded About How to Approach Change

When the first of this year began, we knew very little about something called the “Coronavirus” and were focused on developing a Strategic Plan for our businesses.  With the beginning of a new year, there were lots of options and ideas.  As we slowly began to hear more about the Coronavirus, most took this information with a grain of salt, expecting the scientists, chemists, etc., would soon locate a solution and get this issue under control.  SURPRISE!!!

As we prepare to wrap up the first six months of this year, the Coronavirus is still spreading and claiming way too many lives.  The longer we remain under this “cloud”, the more concerning this is.  Meanwhile, all are scrambling on how to avoid this virus, how to manage keeping businesses alive, what can be done to strengthen our economy, etc.

Though some of our states have been able to better control the virus, other states are still growing in numbers of Coronavirus victims.  We are told and encouraged to wear face masks, use rubber gloves, sanitizers, disinfectants, keep a 6-foot social distance from others, avoid physical contact, and remain in our homes as much as possible.  However, quite a large number of citizens (possibly more of the younger adults) refuse to avoid crowds or use face masks, which leads to spreading the COVID-19.  They crowd the beaches, parks, etc.

In order for a business or organization to survive this “pandemic experience”, business leaders need to be more creative and innovative with ideas to connect with the public, keeping all safe by creating “out-of-the-box” ideas that allow people to continue a rich daily life, while allowing others to take advantage of that organization’s offerings.

The same is true of businesses.  Obviously, more people are tapping into “on-line purchases”, but this venue has many more possibilities.  Doctors are virtually examining patients, colleges are teaching on-line, and by using specific equipment, other tasks can be accomplished.  This process will continue as we find ourselves “high-jacked” and managing the best we can.  There will, no doubt, be many businesses who are unable to keep their businesses healthy, but be sure to talk with other business owners for input and ideas to strengthen their businesses.

There are other ways to tackle some of these challenges, and being creative and experimenting can help many.  We learn a lot by talking with others.  You could discover some unique solutions for others as well.  You are encouraged to “persevere”.  Out of survival can come many new creative ideas that will benefit many.  Still, we do need to focus a lot on our health.  Compass Career Management Solutions came out of “survival”, but we also focused on helping others, too.  Note: The Winds of Change Bring Opportunities”.