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The Hand of Hope When Reduction of Force is a Necessity

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There will never be a “good time” to release employees, and no employer relishes this task.  It is one of those painful responsibilities that faces all employers when confronted with a serious business decision.  Having worked with hundreds of companies over our 26+ years, you can be assured that no business owner wants to say those words, “we’re going to have to let you go”.  It doesn’t help to tell the employee that it “isn’t personal” because to the employee, it is most definitely personal.

Today our whole world has been thrown into chaos, which started with the Coronavirus.  No matter where it began, this medical pandemic has spread itself around the world and continues to attack one person after another.  Without a cure this COVID-19 just multiplies over and over.  Then to make matters worse, many people refuse to take precautions, i.e. wear face masks, rubber gloves, use sanitizers or disinfectants, quarantine themselves, or even abide by social distancing.  Therefore, the virus stays ahead of us.  This pandemic has additionally affected our economy dramatically!

This leaves business owners everywhere scratching their heads, as well as begging for funds, pleading for delays on loans and rent, etc.  A large number of businesses have had to close entirely, reduce staff, or had some employees work from home (where possible).  Even though the government has processed many checks to families and businesses, the debt keeps multiplying.  Now companies are faced with closing more facilities, and/or reducing more of the workforce.

For those companies who are still working, there is little or no sign of relief.  As long as people keep going out, mixing with others without face masks, etc., the virus will continue to grow.  What has to be done to get people to obey the rules?  Obviously, these people are not the ones who have to release the effected employees.  If those rule breakers had to pass out releases, it could be a deterrent.

To see the horrified look on these employees’ faces is devastating.  However, if you are an employer and believe this will be your next step, consider providing those people with some professional and effective Outplacement services.  It may still be discouraging, but it can be that “hand of hope”.

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