All Should Have an Open Mind About Others

Understanding Each Other
We Should Get to Know Each Other Better

As you meet and get to know others, do you find yourself making prejudgments or assumptions about them?  Or are you more open-minded and accept the person as is?  Every person is different.  Even twins in a family are said to be distinctively different.  Having two sons who were 2.5 years apart in age and born of the same parents were clearly different.  So when meeting one individual, it may take some time to have a good understanding of his/her personality.

Many of us may have a special sense of a person when meeting them.  Some call it a “sixth sense”, which could prove or not to be accurate.  However, what is it about this new person that resonates a sense or some alarm in us, causing us to feel concern or maybe a false sense of security?  If you are sensitive to a person who is very tall or speaks in a deep voice, or has a certain look (beard, scared face, long dark hair, etc.), it is important to remind yourself that this is a new or different person.  The caution we need to remember is to avoid “pre-judging” someone unfairly.

When I was a young child, I would tell my mother that I wanted to see Santa Claus, and she would get in a line with me so that I could sit on Santa’s lap.  However, every time it came to be my turn, I refused to talk to him as I was afraid of his size.  I loved the story of Santa Claus but was afraid of his full-sized image.  When children are infants to 5 or 6 years of age, they seldom have any preconceived notion of others.  That develops as they get older and often may learn of it from others.

It helps to remember that none of us are perfect.  Then if you want others to like and accept you, then you need to be open and accept others.  Even if someone says or does something to hurt your feelings or upset you, if they sincerely apologize, you may want to give them a second chance.  If they cause another hurtful experience, then it would be reasonable to refuse a continued relationship.

With our world being so very diverse, and with encouragement to be accepting of others, more are making a better effort to improve in this area.  Today with the existence of a pandemic virus, we should encourage each other to be respectful of each other’s space and avoid the spread of COVID-19.  How would you like for others to look upon you?  In the work environment, it is especially important that we each do whatever we can to be supportive and respectful of each other.  No one should be given more privileges or treated differently by others.  We are all humans of this Earth.