First Steps Demonstrating Respect for All

Encourage Respectful & Dedicated Collaboration

In order to illustrate the best intentions and respect to all others, what can anyone do with this purpose in mind?  All people matter, and there needs to be mutual respect for all of mankind.  We have a diverse world in every city, state, and region, and the fact is we need to have a police force and leaders, who can be trusted.  It is unfortunate that there are some slanted or prejudiced persons in all lines of work, but that does not make all police, politicians, road crews, construction people, lawyers, etc. negative or untrustworthy.  It just takes one badly behaved individual to cause a group to be of concern.  Most of any industry are hard-working, conscientious, and honest.  So if one or two of any organization is proven to be of bad character, what can that organization do to regain respect of the public?

Once a group has been known to be of concern, it is harder to regain a positive image.  Therefore, organizations would be wise to work extra hard on starting and keeping a good reputation.  However, if your group has been labeled untrustworthy, you will have to be sure all in your group are reminded daily of being honest and respectful to all.  It will only take one bad incident to return to a bad reputation.  Still, the world seems to be extremely conscious of any bad treatment and behavior towards others.  It is doubtful that this attitude and issue will relax for a very long time.  Leaders of all organizations will need to be on alert and encouraged to remind all to be aware of the importance of this mind set and attitude.  All want to be treated with respect and sensitivity, and this is understandable and reasonable.

By setting your organizations’ standards high and using high integrity and work ethics, your business will have a better chance of attracting good employees and customers.  (Clearly, employers also need to take all precautions to make the entire work environment safe, healthy, and sanitary for all.)  Your leaders are encouraged to start with a strong and responsible “mission statement”, as well as “purpose”.  If helpful, a Forum on “Good Workplace Behavior” can be provided.  When hiring or bringing back employees, be sure that all understand and agree with this point of view and purpose.  These must be your first steps to a better future.