Effective Leaders Are Needed NOW? The Clock is Ticking!


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Now more than ever, companies/organizations need strong and effective employees, who possess the ability to be strategic and insightful leaders. The core of a leader may possess many natural skills and personality traits that position them for a “leadership role”, but a “good leader” needs LOTS of effective Leadership training.

If you look at our population, you should note that a large number are of retirement age, and with effects of the pandemic that we have had to manage, more of our mature citizens are choosing to take retirement now. The fact is most employers will admit that these experienced retiring employees have been the ones with excellent leadership qualities. This means new leaders will need to be carefully chosen, screened, and thoroughly trained on “effective leadership skills”. (An additional note is that this kind of serious, responsible training cannot be rushed and needs lots of “OTJ” experience.)

Compass Career Management Solutions has been a “transition expert” for over 26 years, and that includes assisting employees to “think, plan, and act strategic”. Being a Leader requires intelligence, common sense, good communication skills, being a strong relationship builder, effective training skills, a wise decision maker, etc. No one is perfect, BUT a LEADER must have a good head on his/her shoulders and know how to make those “hard decisions”. They MUST be responsible as well as respectful of others.

Employers and Business Owners are strongly encouraged to be “proactive” and begin planning NOW to first, 1) Select your leadership candidates carefully; 2) interview each one and consider what skills, competencies, and experiences they possess; and 3) allow plenty of time to provide Leadership Training, as well as “Follow-up Coaching”. A Leadership class should be kept fairly small for the best results. If you/Employer try to take any shortcuts, your workforce and businesses will suffer the consequences. The clock is ticking!
clock is ticking

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