Addressing Your Serious Concerns During the Pandemic

Men & Women Responsible for Creating a Legacy
Men and Women are responsible to create a legacy for the Future


Many have expressed the various issues we all are experiencing through this stressful period, with most concerns focused on finances, employment, our country and local economy, the volatile situation with our police, etc.  Of course, there is also the big issue for our health and concern for being infected with COVID-19.  With North Carolina being one of the states with increasing cases of the Coronavirus, as well as an increase in deaths, people are starting to consider how well their wills are written, or if all important matters have been handled.

Before NC’s increase in victims, most were not giving much thought to dying, but now most, especially those with children, are wondering if their legal wills are sufficient and comprehensive.  If some people have married, divorced, moved around, are unemployed, or are unable to locate all their paperwork (deeds, certificates, birth certificate, marriage license, insurance policies, etc.), a fear may develop that causes additional stress.  Anyone who has dealt with intense property battles know how adamant the law can be on insisting on such legal documents.  The key point NOW is for you to be sure to have all your legal documents up-to-date and gathered in one safe place.

Should something happen, and you become ill or incapacitated, you need to have a plan and designate one dependable adult, who lives in your area, who could get to these documents readily, and process the paperwork.  Furthermore, you may want this selected adult to be designated with Power of Attorney.  All of these matters that have been mentioned should be processed and noted officially (certified) as your Power of Attorney.

These matters are highly important and should not be left in the hands of someone, who isn’t responsible.  Once you have these areas confirmed by a licensed attorney, then you can at least sigh a breath of relief.  Just be sure this “Power of Attorney” knows where all legal papers are located.

These matters are ones that most people dread handling, but once they are processed and “in place”, the security of your family is also protected.  These decisions are definitely hard ones, but they are also the critical tasks of a “responsible adult”.  One area that is easily overlooked or forgotten is one that may be connected to your employer (i.e. your 401k, retirement funds, or life insurance).  If you lived in another state, you may have such documents still in that state.  Also be sure to have indicated who was to be the beneficiary

Even if you don’t consider yourself possessing much wealth, it would be better to have such funds going to family or loved ones than the state.  In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to take good care of your health, and have all of your important documents to be placed securely and to have someone ready to handle when necessary.  This is one transition that requires lots of planning.