Creating a Positive Attitude Changes the Effects of a Pandemic


Let Hope Shine Through
Encourage Hopeful Attitude

Often the media asks high profile people how they are coping with the isolation and restrictions in connection with this long Pandemic time period.  When the Coronavirus first was mentioned, there was no panic, as most didn’t expect it to be of any consequence, much less be so invasive, life-threatening, and lasting so terribly long.  Even when restrictions began, most didn’t believe we might find ourselves instructed to endure more and more restrictions.

Obviously, there are many who are not abiding those restrictions, which is causing the Coronavirus to spread with more devastation, and yet those refusing to respect the restrictions STILL don’t take the blame or responsibility for increasing and spreading these deadly germs, causing more harm to those around them.  Yet these reckless, irresponsible people continue to not wear masks or gloves, refuse to “social distance” themselves, nor use sanitizers or disinfectants, much less quarantine themselves.  Meanwhile the rest of society continues to suffer the consequences.

With this being the case, for those who are trying to be careful and not harm others, it is discouraging to stay inside or within their property, while missing their loved ones, including special occasions.  Humans are basically “social beings”, which attributes to our feeling lonely or depressed.  There is no magic wand to make this terrible event come to an end.

So how can people manage to keep a positive attitude as these times appear to continue for an unknown length of time?  A person’s attitude and mental state may seem like something that should be easy to control – like flipping a switch, but it is far from easy.  However, each of us has the ability to manage our thinking.  Here are some ideas:

  • Select some positive activity that you enjoy and plan one each day.
  • Choose to do some thoughtful gesture to lift the spirits of others daily.
  • Plan a challenging project to tackle each day to feel more productive.
  • Identify a special meal or activity once a week to boost your family’s moral.
  • Determine a special project that you have procrastinated and tackle it – set a schedule to complete over a specific amount of time.
  • Take time each week to contact special people in your life and catch up with them.
  • Use an allotted amount of time for meditation and/or personal reflection.

As you focus on doing positive things in your life, you will find that your own spirits will be lifted.  Soon you will discover that time has passed, and each day becomes better.  If you make more efforts to benefit others, you may experience a positive change within yourself.  By removing your negative thoughts, the positive efforts will improve YOUR attitude.