Determining a Strategic Plan on Selecting Your Future Career


Pulling Ideas Together
Proactive Encouragement for Positive Outcomes

More and more hard-working individuals are beginning to recognize the importance of creating their own professional futures.  After completing your education and gathering information from higher educational instructors and other successful professionals, you may find that it might be wise for a person to create their own business plan with the help of others.  Though most prefer working for a solid business, all should be prepared for other career paths.  Change is more common than not.

When fortunate to experience a major and rewarding position, many have had to face it being cut short by a downsizing or closure. Seldom can one locate another such role with many positive and satisfying attributes.  Eventually, someone may suggest that you go into business for yourself.  You may see this as ridiculous or frightening, etc.  However, as you learn more about self-employment, from talking with others or a career/transition coach, you may begin to open your mind to the things that you really like to do, and possibly see the many opportunities.  This approach to “self-employment” may be scary at first, but there are so many directions and options you could consider.

By pulling together people who you trust, respect, and consider intelligent and creative, you could find yourself becoming excited and full of enthusiasm.  Of course, you should first thoroughly research before selecting an industry and specific position that allows you to help and benefit others. If you choose an industry with which you have some good experiences, that could be a good place to begin.  There are also other aspects in order to build a good business. To begin,

  • Consider an industry, special cause or passion for which you feel strongly motivated.
  • Funding is critical, as well as the ability to manage investments and organizations effectively.
  • Another priority is selecting the very best people for specific roles in the business.
  • Choose credible legal advisers, who process all aspects of your business responsibly.
  • No business can survive without effective and strategic communication, which touches on a business’ marketing and its bottom line.

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