Good Relationship Building is a Treasure

The Beginning of Trust
Trust is at the Core of Relationships

From infancy, a child looks for someone to trust.  As you know, when that child is separated from the ones they trust, there are tears relating fear and insecurity.  A trusted relationship ranks quite high for most people, which follows us through our different stages of life.  This is also true in our business and working world.  Those who are honest, helpful and supportive are those, who we value and respect highly.  Thus, when representing a company and looking to find those who can be trusted to keep promises or their words, it is understandable that such loyalty is an extremely strong and lasting bond based on commitment and respect.

However, let’s imagine that you have such a strong bond with a business vendor or resource, who later chooses to leave that position and sell or pass on their role to someone else.  Not knowing this new person, you may question if this new person exhibits the same traits as your previous contact.  In fact, this new relationship may be so totally different that you no longer feel the trust of the “previous relationship”.  The new person likely doesn’t understand the importance or nature of the previous relationship, and therefore, doesn’t nurture it.

Without both parties of a relationship being committed to the other, such a strong bond or relationship can exist.  In addition, when there is no longer “trust” (and respect), the basis of the relationship is gone.  In order to grow a business, there should be at the core or foundation the encouragement of trust and respect, that attracts and strengthens the kind of people who value good relationships.  When a business owner proves to provide a solid, quality service or product, the staff reflects this characteristic to the customers, who recognize quickly that this owner is one to be trusted.  Consequently, a trusted relationship develops, which may sound simple, but it is so vital.  Such a relationship should be treasured!

Today there are many who say, “Trust me!”  However, this can’t be automatically expected.  A person must prove to be reliable, honest, and trustworthy.  But again, once this “trust” is proven, it should be the beginning of a very solid relationship, which we all (employers, employees, etc.) sincerely value.  Sharing a trusted bond can be a “life line”.

Therefore, when you seek responsible and credible friends and/or resources, remember that you must invest the time and effort to nurture such a “trusted relationship”.   No matter how busy you may become, the skill of “relationship building” should be a PRIORITY!; 704-849-2500.