Exercise Proactive Efforts and Use Credible Resources to Pursue a New Future

The Coronavirus continues to wear down so many businesses that it is impossible to say how many other companies will cave into this devastating situation. Though so many business owners continue to battle against the odds, and there have been some very thoughtful and generous citizens to give support to others, there will be still others that will be forced to close or reduce their businesses more. If the COVID-19 isn’t enough of a disaster, our country and citizens are also dealing with depression, concerns for our country’s economy, the futile tugging of politics, and the tension among factions all around us.

Instead of pulling together, there is a barrage of negative forces separating us. Whatever is a person’s area of weakness, it seems there is some negative energy pounding away, trying to wear us down. There is an old song, “United we stand, Divided we fall!” There is a lesson there.

Obviously, many businesses and organizations will continue to struggle and fall, but you are encouraged to accept our slogan as a form of hope: “The Winds of Change Bring Opportunity!” Or another proactive phrase is “when one door closes, another one opens”. If you are in business, please consider reading this short article. Don’t let all the negativity around us throw away the positive things that have been accomplished. We can do so much more together.

Compass Career Management Solutions
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In today’s business world, companies are dealing with a lot of changes, risks, and unknowns. Obviously, Decision Makers will face some very difficult decisions and challenges. Initially, there will be required a lot of research, sorting of details and data to strategically determine an effective plan to turn their situation around. Furthermore, it will need to be decided which employees will be better suited to benefit and contribute to the plan, compared to others who are no longer needed. In order to have successful results, decisions will have to be made whether a downsizing is needed, and what can practically be done to resolve a business’ problems under the current and unusual circumstances.

No company wants to find themselves cutting or releasing employees unnecessarily, though certain situations will require a downsizing to avoid a complete closure. The key decision maker knows who can effectively gather the pertinent details before deciding next steps. A business also needs to show compassion and support to all in order to sustain a positive, healthy public image. Therefore, using an effectively experienced “transition expert” can provide impartial eyes and ears to assist any employees required to exit, as well as identify credible alternatives. The expert assistance to both management and exiting employees is handled professionally and with sensitivity. These are two reasons why hiring a responsible and innovative Transition Resource/Professional can be a big help.

Companies like Compass Career Management Solutions, having over 26 years of various transition experiences and working for organizations in over 35 states and numerous industries, have accumulated an immense collection of creative ideas, resources, and skills. These are reasons and benefits to hire such experts. Compass Career Management has worked with a wide range of levels or positions across businesses, in multiple scenarios, enabling them to come up with more creative game plans. Another Benefit is our being flexible and able to “think outside the box”. Furthermore, our involvement often avoids legal entanglements. Don’t wait until heated words are exchanged.

We at Compass Career Management Solutions come to you with an open mind and a willingness to listen to each business’ issues, concerns, and budget. We gather needed information and design a program and process that will best suit your organization in order to deliver successful results.

Transitions can be full of stress and emotions, but Compass Career Management will help to reduce as much of that as possible from your shoulders. Our goal is to assist you and your business to successfully manage your transition as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible. Visit our website: www.compasscareer.com, and call us at 704-849-2500. Robyn A. Crigger, CEO and Bill Crigger, President.