If Wanting to See COVID Come to an End, What Can We Do?

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The Need to Wear Face Masks                    Make-Shift COVID Centers           Crowded Beaches Spreads COVID

Since the Corona virus was acknowledged and quarantining began, thousands of people have contracted the virus and died.  The country has been requested to quarantine themselves as much as possible, and still thousands of people die.  One big challenge is that many citizens refuse to refrain from socializing, especially in groups of people where social distancing (staying at least six feet apart) isn’t respected.  This is especially true since Spring Break and Summer Vacations began.

Some people refuse to believe that masks and social distancing is necessary, and so more people continue to contract the virus and many of them die.  Even when (if) a vaccine is developed, there are no guarantees that the vaccine will stop COVID 19 altogether.  There could be some for whom the vaccine will not protect.

What, if anything, can parents, government leaders, medical health officials, community protection agencies, or employers do to encourage or enforce public health safety?  If some citizens insist on disobeying the rules, what can anyone do?  The one thing we need to remember is that it is one thing to allow yourself to become exposed and infected by the Coronavirus.  HOWEVER, it is not permitted for any one person to infect or spread those infectious germs to someone else.  That would be similar to shooting a gun at another unarmed person.

With this understanding, we are each responsible for harm we cause to others.  Not only would a person be liable for exposing another to the COVID, but causing others to become infected would also result in huge medical costs and expenses.  As we all know, the medical expenses that come with serious illnesses can lead into thousands and thousands of dollars.

Think if someone, who you considered to be a friend, exposed you to the Coronavirus, causing you to not only be seriously ill, but possibly could lead to your death.  How would you feel about that “friend” then?  By reminding your employees and associates of these facts, perhaps this could make them aware of the seriousness of COVID 19.  Parents need to remind their children – even if young adults, of the life-threatening repercussions of irresponsible behavior.  Don’t assume that they know how serious this is!  Say it to them out loud!  Make sure they grasp this reality and its threat.

If you suspect a person of having the Coronavirus and fear they are not managing this appropriately, contact your local Health Authority or Police.  Take care of yourself, help others, and be safe.

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