Recognizing Positive Elements Emerging Out of the Pandemic

Kind Young Adults
Genuine Caring Young Adults Still Exist

Many of our nation’s citizens have made negative comments about the “young adults” in our communities, noting that they are short-sighted, impatient, expecting immediate gratification, praises and rewards for doing simply the minimum, and then only after much taunting.  Some call them “lazy”, doing the least amount of work as possible.  Though there may be many of these young adults, who you may believe are “up to no good”, don’t judge so quickly.  Yes, many are immature and don’t grasp the more important aspects of life and take risks – like going to college parties or gathering on beaches.  However, that is not true of all of them.

If that has been your experience or perhaps you have one young adult in your own family, who doesn’t practice the best character traits, there are many caring and supportive young adults.  Unfortunately, the poorly behaved are the ones who seem to get the attention of the media.  However, I can relay first-hand that there are some very kind young people, and they need to be recognized, appreciated and encouraged.

When I was recently out running errands on a very hot and humid day, I parked my car in front of a store with a giant parking lot.  As I approached the store, I realized they had blocked that entrance, requiring everyone to walk quite a ways to the other end of the large building to use another entrance.  After spending a lot of time seeking several items in the store and standing in a long, slow-moving check-out line, I prepared to go to my car.

To my dismay I had forgotten where I parked my car.  Since I generally park near the entrance, I walked up and down several aisles of cars multiple times without finding it.  I had forgotten about the other “blocked” entrance, and with the intense heat and humidity, I became very hot as well as quite frustrated.  Suddenly, a young couple came to me and asked if I needed help.  Immediately they began to look for my car.  It did take a while, but they were determined to help me.  When they found it, I realized I had been looking in the wrong part of the lot.  I felt so embarrassed, but I was also thankful for their help.  Though I offered them some financial reward, they refused and said it was their pleasure.  I was truly humbled.

There has been a lot of negative effects that have developed out of this COVID 19 pandemic, and it has caused much discouragement, depression, and frustration.  However, amidst all of this chaos, seeing such kindness is very encouraging!  Even with all the turmoil, we still see genuine kindness in our midst.

Needless to say, I was very grateful, but I was also encouraged to know that there are some very kind and good-hearted young adults, and they deserve credit for being of such good character, and I wanted to encourage others to think kindly of our young adults.  THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!!! 704-849-2500