The Reality of a Job Loss

Advice for Someone in a Job Search

A Devastating and Emotional Experience

A Devastating and Emotional Experience

If you have never lost a job, you may not have a grasp of a person’s feelings of a deep emotional and heart-breaking experience. Many have said that it is like the “proverbial rug” being jerked from beneath you. Such a person can go into deep depression and lose all confidence in themselves. One main reason companies have provided Outplacement for those who are released is to give them some much needed support and guidance through a career transition. Though many think that the wide use of the internet should make a job search much easier, that can be very misleading.

Though the internet can be a valuable tool for a job search, the process of locating a good-fitting job is still very much competitive. Employers seek candidates who will be an asset to them, as well as hoping for good retention. As employers screen and scrutinize job candidates, those candidates are also seeking a good fit for themselves. Most people do not like “job hopping”, but prefer locating a position that addresses the candidate’s needs, skills, priorities, and personality. The reality is a Job Search is very hard work requiring strong organization skills, strategic thinking, good self-confidence, and the use of innovative and creative resources.

If you know a person who has lost a job, you might think using a “Head Hunter” or “Recruiter” would be best. However, Head Hunters and Recruiters have a different mindset – more on placement than helping one to determine a good fitting job. Businesses hire them to fill jobs. Instead, a professional Outplacement firm provides the candidate with lots of effective coaching, insight, and instruction on taking control of his/her own job search, but assisting where needed. This builds strong self-confidence. Some companies may find using a professional Outplacement firm can help avoid expensive legal entanglements and want the transition to go as smoothly as possible. An experienced and credible “Transition Expert” will help to identify an appropriate position for the candidate, but benefitting the employer and the job seeker. Such a professional firm will have access to lots of beneficial resources, as well as effective procedures to assist the employee with their Career Journey.

Compass Career Management Solutions has provided Career and Business Transition Services for over 26 years for a wide variety of industries, having worked in 35 states. Each person is unique, and therefore, there are multiple approaches, resources, and processes that benefit the transitioning candidate. Though much is done virtually, the key factor in their successful process is how they build trust, confidence, as well as encouragement. Visit our website: Robyn Crigger is CEO, and Bill Crigger is President. We say, “The Winds of Change Bring Opportunity.”