Social Distancing  

 Outside Shopping with Masks                Clean with Disinfectant                                   Keep Social Distancing

With our lives taking many twists and turns over the past 10+ months, and looking for ways to accomplish activities differently, we have all had to become more creative and resourceful.  For instance, since people are required to wear face masks and to keep at least 6’ apart from others, all businesses or functions have to plan for this in order for the public to participate.  Obviously, these requirements are for the protection of all.  Therefore, events like graduations, weddings, etc. have had to design a layout and process to keep everyone safe.  The same is true for organizations, who want to encourage the public to return as paying customers.

Now consider if you needed to plan a neighborhood yard sale, for example?  What considerations need to be addressed?

  • There is to be “clearly visible markers noting social distancing” to comply with public safety.
  • A large sign to remind people to wear a face mask would also be highly recommended.
  • When handling objects, including money, wearing rubber gloves would be wise.
  • To be responsible, the property owner should regularly spray disinfectant in the area.
  • Disinfectant wipes should be used on tables and objects after these have been handled.
  • It would also be wise to have some hand sanitizer available for people to use as they leave.

Such precautions help to put the customers’ concerns at ease and thus contribute to the customers’ positive shopping experience, which is an excellent proactive measure.

No matter what type of event you need to organize, be sure that all surfaces in the facility/area are cleaned often, as well as using protective glass barriers or plastic partitions around areas where many would gather, i.e. Customer Service and others who are accessible to the public.

Be aware that there may be some people, including the elderly or ones with limitations, who may require the need of available seating on occasion, and try to provide a few places around your facility/space, which demonstrates sensitivity and would be of support.  People with young children or those senior citizens may need a place to pause for a short period.

If you are willing and able to be of further support of the public, you might entertain the idea of selling cold beverages or hot coffee to attendees.  Any support can help to avoid more people becoming ill.  Consequently, using some healthier efforts to keep those in your area in better health is wise for all.  All serious in being open to helpful ideas of the public are encouraged.  The more positive efforts you demonstrate, the more others will recognize and respect your support.  Creative and strategic ideas are welcome to make any venue a positive one.  Compass Career Management Solutions are experts in many business transitions.