Valuable Lesson about Communication

Communication is one of the most important skills and steps in business and life!  However, if others are not “listening” to what you have to say, your efforts are a waste of time and energy.  People need to understand the importance of “listening” and ways to capture the attention of others in order to relay valuable information.


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Communication: The Art and Value of “Listening”

The Importance of Listening

“The Importance of Listening”

Why is “listening” so important in relations to “communication”?  Perhaps when you think of “communicating”, you think more of the impact of relaying or sharing valuable information.  That is important, but if you are trying to inform others of a serious matter, chances are you need for them to “LISTEN”.  How many times have you told someone of an important situation or facts, only to realize that this person wasn’t “listening” to you?  That can be so frustrating, and you may be too upset or disappointed to repeat the whole message over again.  If the information was very time-sensitive, the lack of hearing the key data may have lost its purpose by not hearing it “in time”.

Communication is an “art” that is crafted and should be taught in regards to relaying and receiving information.  One should learn to first capture the attention of your audience, and then speak clearly, distinctly, articulating and enunciating in order for others to understand exactly what is being said.  However, the audience also needs to learn to pay close attention to “listen” to the information that is shared.

For instance, if you are trying to make someone aware that “the train they were to catch was now in the station and ready to leave, if your audience was not LISTENING to this information, they surely didn’t “value” the importance of your message, and would thus miss their chosen train.  By the time you try to repeat the message, the train would have left the station.  This could be costly in more than one way.

What else could you do to get the receiving person to actually “listen” to the message?  A way (as a form of art) to actually get the receiving person’s attention and to LISTEN to your message could be by saying the receiving person’s name out loud and pausing before relaying your message, which is a way to catch their attention.  It is important to get your receiver’s attention BEFORE saying your message.

Otherwise, sharing your information to someone who ISN’T listening is a waste of your time and effort!  If you have worthwhile data to share with someone, make sure they are “listening” to you before speaking into “the wind”!  Encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to demonstrate being a “respectful listener”.  If you were giving away a “million dollars”, I’m sure they would want to know!  (That is also true when forewarning of danger!)

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