Distractions Reduce or Diminish the Best Results & Outcomes

Aware of Differences
                Group with Mixed Focus

Whether in business or the public turmoil that exists, people can be easily distracted by other people, events around them, loud music or noises, “breaking news” or announcements that command your attention.  When a group is asked to pull together an effective and beneficial process to attempt to save our world from a health issue, “people” are commonly known to connect with someone in the group, who seems to have a common way of thinking, and thus develops a potential solution.

Meanwhile others in this same group have approached this task by finding another person or two who are more creative and able to motivate others to feel motivated to join the idea for a solution.

Some of these ideas could be productive in addressing a specific issue and be successful.  However, instead of one person facilitating a “brainstorming session”, which might identify multiple ideas and resolutions, thereby producing some potential ideas, and by examining them further could ask more questions and find which ideas might be the best choice.

It is easy for multiple sets of people to get excited about finding numerous results, but by gathering good information from one focused group and then evaluating and narrowing down those “good ideas”, the best data or idea can be identified.  If multiple sets of people try competing for this idea, it can cause a major distraction and lose the ability to concentrate on the “task” at hand.  However, this approach is one good way to narrow down the best possible result.

With this trend in seeking the “winning product”, candidates and businesses can prove to be successful.  Let’s say that a candidate learns of 3 or 4 negative incidents or factors about the other candidate.  If the initial candidate begins spreading the negative data via ads or gossip, this initial candidate could find out that the public then begins to check out more data about the initial candidate.  Using negative tactics seldom works like they think it well.  When one person is yelling, people begin to look around to see who is making all the noise.  It is much better to develop your own honest form of business practices and communication.  Compass Career Management Solutions is a woman-owned, human-resources firm with our focus on assisting businesses with career and business transitions.  Keep us in mind as we value supporting leaders.  Visit our website: www.compasscareer.com; or call us at 704-849-2500.