Emotions Running High? You Aren’t Alone!

Emotions running high

Not Feeling Like Yourself?

After many months dealing with this Corona Virus, staying at home, isolated with very limited mixing with others (practically none), having to wear face masks, using sanitizers regularly, as well as anti-septic sprays and cleansers, etc., this is now all part of our new daily lives!  Businesses and all types of organizations closing their doors for months, and some closing permanently, leaving a multitude of people jobless.  Is it any wonder that depression has hit an all-time high?

With more and more people infected with COVID-19, and many others dying from the disease, fear is escalating everywhere.  As much as most try their best to keep up their spirits, there is an underlying tension and stress that make many feel uneasy – sometimes unconsciously.  Individuals and families are feeling the rising emotions and the stress of job losses, dwindling finances, the unknown economic future, much less timing of an eventual vaccine for COVID-19.  NO ONE IS IMMUNE.

Even those people who appear to be confident and strong will have their times when they will feel more vulnerable and concerned about their loved ones before themselves.  All anyone can do is to take “one day at a time” – a saying used often, but to worry and get upset really doesn’t help anything or anyone.  We each must take care of ourselves, eating healthy, getting some exercise and proper rest, and taking time to love our families and friends.  Needless to say, all the precautions we have been given are just as true now as ever: wear face masks, avoid mixing with any groups, social distance, wash your hands OFTEN with soap and HOT water, use sanitizers, antiseptic sprays, etc.

This has all been said many times, but some DO NOT LISTEN.  Thus, more people become infected, and some die.  Without rules, problems will continue.  If you are as tired of this chaos as most are, you are encouraged to promote the following of all “safety health rules”, while giving each other lots of encouragement and support.

It is understandable that with this pandemic continuing, people will have times of frustration and irritability, but taking it out on co-workers or others is the worst thing you can do.  Instead, be more understanding and supportive of each other.  This is a time to demonstrate your best character.  Compass Career Management Solutions are human resources experts in business and career transitions and development, including Leadership and Strategy.  www.compasscareer.com.