During this COVID Period, What Else is on Your Mind?

Providing Nourishment
     Giving of Time, Food, and Encouragement

Of course, COVID is an important topic, and most of us want to get it resolved, but that takes “everyone’s cooperation”.  In the meantime, what is something that might create positive thoughts and might be something that doesn’t trigger a debate or argument?  It is definitely not politics!  With Thanksgiving arriving next month, perhaps we should give thoughts to those special events, blessings, positive developments, which bring us all pleasure and appreciation.

In the past people would celebrate a good and bountiful harvest.  Though there are several regions in our country, who have experienced severe flooding, vast wild fires, and hurricanes, those affected have been in the thoughts and prayers of their fellow citizens, and many organizations have contributed food, other supplies, money, and physical support to the people affected.  It is unfortunate and discouraging that those events caused by “Mother Nature” can harm so many.  And many have been hit multiple times, like in Louisiana, by hurricanes.  I can understand that many people don’t want to leave their home state or region.  No place is perfect, and yet it is one option people may consider.  Meanwhile, those in areas of high risk are caught in that difficult situation, and only they can decide what to do.

Returning to the thought of the Fall Season, and the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, this is a good time to give more conscious thought to those blessings we each have.  Some that come to my mind include my family, friends, church, my home, keeping healthy, our beautiful fall days, our lovely state of North Carolina, just to name a few.  Of course, I am thankful not to have caught COVID-19, and for those who have won the battle of COVID.

No doubt, there are many, many more blessings you can name and appreciate.  We should all be wise for taking one day at a time.  Even when one day may include some unpleasantries, the next day could be full of happiness.  We all know that there are many who have lost jobs and are dealing with extremely tight finances.  There are many credible organizations who can take donations in order to offer daily provisions for people.  As we each face a new day, you are encouraged to give thoughts to how each of us can lift the spirits of others and support those in desperate situations.  We don’t have to look far to find those in need.  Take each day and do what you can for your fellow man/woman.  Offering a blanket, food, water, shelter, etc.  This is another way to “count your blessings”.  By doing kind gestures, you can experience much happiness.  Even helping to find a job for someone is a true blessing.  We should celebrate this “Thanksgiving Season” all year round.