How Do You Show Employees That You Care?

Do Employees Believe that You Care about Them? Why?

These are very difficult times, and many companies and organizations are strapped to make ends meet.  Understandably, business owners are looking for whatever ways they can keep their businesses alive, but that may not be enough.  Unfortunately, too many companies are closing their doors permanently, while others are reducing their workforces substantially.  In order to salvage a business what choices does a business owner have to keep them “in the black”?  Allowing their businesses to go into debt or bankrupt seems irresponsible.

Many believe that it is cold or heartless to cut the workforces, but if that reduction allows the business owner to hold onto at least part of the workforce, isn’t that worthwhile?  During these unusual and stressful times, many owners have little to no choices about keeping their businesses alive.  It is extremely difficult for employees to totally understand the decision making of owners, however, if owners could provide some options that would allow employees a way to improve the business, which would increase the bottom line, alleviating the need to reduce the workforce, would the employees be willing?

One would think definitely yes!  Surprisingly, not necessarily.  EXAMPLE: When one company was in such a situation, and the owners were told of a specific training program, which would position the employees to improve their productivity, the owners first said “no” as there was the cost of the training and program.  However, when advised that the employees could work later one day, with the employer paying for their dinner and possibly come in early the next morning (receiving a free breakfast) in order to receive this special training, the employer agreed.  Unfortunately, the employees refused the offer.  They were unwilling to stay late or come in early (on their own time) to receive training.  Perhaps the employees didn’t grasp that this could save their jobs.  On the other hand, if the employers had been providing more training before their businesses were in danger, this could have been avoided.

The fact is Business Owners need to provide regular “investments” into their organizations.  Don’t wait until there is a problem and realize what could have helped.  If Employers care about their people and businesses, they should be training in advance.  Compass Career Management Solutions is an HR Professional firm, providing many developmental services.  Visit our website and call NOW.; 704-849-2500.