Do Employees Trust Their Employers & Why?

How does one earn trust of another?

How does one earn trust of another?


When an employer hires an employee, are employers to believe that the employee will automatically be loyal to that employer? Or by hiring someone, is the employee required to trust that employer? If not, then how can an employer know that the employee will trust him/her? Would you automatically trust someone, like your employer? What would it take to trust an employer? Is that important?

Chances are at some time in your life, you have experienced being betrayed by someone who you thought you could trust. Once you have experienced that, you may find it hard to trust others easily. Therefore, you may be cautious about who you trust and not take “trust” for granted.

When a young child, you surely trusted your parents. But even this relationship goes through a form of testing. If you have left your child with a “babysitter”, the trust is confirmed by your returning.

In a work situation, most employers will do all that they can to take care of their employees and manage their businesses to benefit themselves and their employees. Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations that arise, followed by consequences that take the control away from the employer. When this happens, the business may be compromised, while the employees are sacrificed. It is unlikely that was the intention of the business owner/employer. However, such tragedies do occur.

When it comes to the relationship between employers and employees, this is a topic that should be discussed calmly. It should not be brought up when either party is upset, but rather in a rational exchange to confirm that the employer accepts his/her role responsibly and would not take any unnecessary risk that would put the workforce in jeopardy. To help strengthen the relationships between employer and employees, occasional exchanges would be encouraged. Maybe there are things the employer can do to strengthen the business while benefitting employees. TRUST is very important! If employees believe that the employers are supportive of them, their relationships are stronger. Compass Career Management Solutions encourages investing in all working relationships. Trust needs to be supported by both entities, benefitting both.; 704-849-2500