Hiring: Why Job Candidates Fail to Complete the Interview Process?

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Since COVID-19 arrived, it is doubtful that you will see any public “Job Fairs”.  And that is only one change.  The pandemic has required a wide range of changes in business.  Interviews can be by phone or internet, or maybe by televised cameras, though more human resources professionals are finding it unusual and rather disappointing that many job candidates fail to follow through on the hiring process.  Companies have been able to receive many resumes and applications to job postings, and even have some good phone interviews with candidates, BUT when appointments are arranged for face-to-face interviews, a large number of candidates do NOT show up.  WHY???

Job Candidates, why are you not following through with this job hiring process?  What makes you back off?  Many candidates would be thrilled to pass the first round of phone interviews.  Do you lack confidence?  Have you given false information and realize you might now be caught?  There are many credible employers, who are seeking responsible, qualified employees.  If there is some reason these job candidates are backing off, now is the time to stop engaging these employers with a “false interest” in employment.  How about considering talking with employers about what is causing this hesitancy?  See if there is a resolution and use this time to have a productive exchange.

Hiring is more challenging now with COVID-19 in existence and continuing to spread.  No one wants more people infected, and yet businesses need to be productive to “stay in business”.  That includes hiring more employees.  It is understandable if people are afraid to go back into working facilities, though employers are well aware of all required health procedures that are needed to provide a safe work environment.  If this fear of unsafe working conditions is the issue, ask both the employer and the governing agencies, who monitors “health safety”.  Job Candidates should take the initiatives to research the public records if they have any concern for safe work environments.

If Job Candidates have other reasonable issues, the Unemployment Service may be able to address these.  Our firm, Compass Career Management Solutions, has dealt with many unemployed people and understand some have personal challenges to overcome, but the Unemployment Office should be a possible resource.  It is important for credible job candidates to learn the facts, plus there are other venues who provide training to individuals.  Some supportive employers may also provide “on-the-job” training.  Compass Career Management are professional, human resources & transition experts.  Visit our website: www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500.