Overall Observations and Reactions to National Elections

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Election Day is almost upon us.  How does that make you feel?  There are mixed reactions and responses to this question, and probably quite a few who are not sure what they will feel.  Because there are several large issues and concerns connected with this election and those candidates, some outcomes could be positive and rewarding, where other results could affect many in a negative way.  Bottom Line is the outcomes will probably be a mixed bag of happy and disappointed voters.

Another interesting observation about this 2020 national election is that there has been an overwhelming number of people to vote early, and if there is a big turnout on Election Day, this could be the largest number of people to vote in a national election in the history of the United States.  Of course, with all the mail-in ballots, which are being given several days after the election to be counted, it will be a while before we will know the official winner.

There has always been a fair amount of “mudslinging” throughout elections, and this election has been no different.  The “mudslinging” has typically involved character bashing and/or ethical matters and/or lying, as well as words taken out of context.  It should also be noted that the use of outlandish amounts of money for these elections really should never be allowed.  There has been plenty of mudslinging and the use of too much money throughout the pre-election period — money that could have been used to battle COVID-19, medical care, fed the hungry, or help support those in serious needs, etc..  Such behavior represents “spoiled children” instead of intelligent, well-educated Americans.  And to think that this behavior represents the candidates were are considering for running and managing our country!  Hopefully, the voters will be able to sort through all the rhetoric.

In addition to the “normal pre-voting chaos”, now we have to weave through any chance of electronic or technical voting sabotage, any international conspiracies, OR false information injected into election.  This election has even heard concerns that some mail-in ballots might have been destroyed by mail carriers or others.  These violators must be located and be required to face a strong form of punishment.

Another voter frustration involves concerns of some voters being paid money to vote for another person or even duplications of voting ballots.  You would think by this time in history that these tactics would be better controlled.  With all this in mind, each person must take personal responsibility of his/her own voting ballot as well as be responsible to process his/her vote properly.

As for the reactions of all following Election Day, it should seem obvious that there are many reasons why some voters may be discouraged with election results.  In addition, many candidates will not only be discouraged but may realize the true challenges of running a fair political race.  The voters will be relieved to see the end of political ads used on TV, radio, and in the mail.  Most people find these ads tiresome and mind-numbing.