Encourage Investing Positive Efforts for a Bright Future

Lincoln Memorial

Our country and many others around the world are experiencing a variety of unrest, misunderstandings, differences of opinions and/or beliefs, some closed mindedness, misinterpretations, lack of respect, etc.  With these differences, it isn’t easy to bring people together.  However, if people could agree that we all need to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs, such “mutual respect” can go a long way in helping groups, states, and nations to collaborate and find ways to benefit each other.

Across our country and around the world, people should realize, through the experience of the pandemic, how we each need to be respectful and supportive of each other.  We may all be humans, but we each have different needs and sensitivities, etc.  Even with our differences, there will be times when we really NEED each other.

Though no one is perfect, Abraham Lincoln was often a good example of being respectful, compassionate, and sensitive of others.  These are traits which we all should strive to attain in order to live a more peaceful existence.

Clearly, there will always be times when we disagree with each other, but if we do not even try to co-exist peacefully, life will always be stressful and chaotic.  We NEED Leaders with Positive Traits, such as knowing how to be patient, a good listener, open to alternatives and creative ideas, trying to understand different approaches to obstacles, etc.  These traits are ones which can require more personal stamina and patience, but if we each give this our sincere efforts, it could pay off in many ways that would benefit more people.  Wouldn’t that be worth our efforts?  Wouldn’t you like to see us live in a more safe, peaceful world?  Anger and bitterness only breeds more of the same.  Each of us can make a difference.  Just think if one person demonstrates a positive attitude, think what a difference two people will make, and then three people and so on.  It can start or stop with you.  We each have a choice.