Developing a Strategic Plan for 2021

Even with the national elections behind us, there will be some wrinkles still to iron out, and there will most likely be some adjustments and details to be resolved before 2021 can begin to finalize any national plans or efforts involving the programs and guidelines for businesses and individuals.  In the meantime, businesses will need to be prepared to have their key players selected and in place, and the company priorities should be decided in order to get their goals initiated.  That includes having all materials ordered and any needed training initiated.

Included in this preparation is to ensure that all COVID-19 precautions are ready and implemented.  With the holidays coming up and concluding the first of the year, all need to be prepared for the possibility of an increase in the CoronaVirus.  Though all would like to get this under control, the gathering of friends and family are bound to cause an increase in the virus.

Of course, we would all like to see an effective Vaccine become available, but there are no guarantees with such matters.  Even when a vaccine is discovered, the first efforts may not be successful.  Even when a successful vaccine is created, we all need to still take precautions in order to avoid more people being infected.  It usually takes at least a couple of weeks for a vaccine to take affect in a person’s immune system.

In addition to the Coronavirus concern, businesses will need to develop strategic plans that will address any particular weakness in their businesses’ company make-up.  For instance, be sure to hire well-qualified employees, as well as provide specific training in order that all services and products are of the best quality.  Competition among companies will definitely be very intense.

It will also be important to allow for strong communication programs for all employees.  This will ensure good working relationships and should encourage all employees to be supportive of each other.  Managers and Supervisors should be coached to take their employees “under their wings”, which will strengthen their working relationships.

This may seem like a lot of “hand-holding”, but it will ensure a strong foundation for the organization.  Employers, managers, and supervisors should have a gift of building relationships.  This important relationship will undoubtedly be the foundation of a successful organization.  These key leaders will need to exhibit trustworthiness, high integrity, sensitivity, supportiveness, encouraging nature, etc.  This will strengthen the entire workforce to be their very best.; 704-849-2500