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When your organization is faced with making a difficult transition, which requires reducing your workforce, this serious and emotional transition would benefit substantially by the use and support of a professional and experienced transition expert.  With any business or organizational transition, everyone is affected.  Even those employees who remain on the job are likely to experience emotions like “guilt, favoritism, anxious about future displacement, lack of security, being overwhelmed if taking on additional work responsibilities, etc.  They should receive some assistance as well.

Effective Outplacement firms, who are successful in this area of expertise, are able to teach, train, and coach those affected employees with how to manage, strategize, research, and implement all of this into a new career path.  Networking is still one of the most critical and valuable skills used through the Job Search Process, in addition to how to effectively interview and market themselves.

When a company is releasing or managing a “large” group of exiting employees, the Outplacement Professionals should be able to offer a variety of services to address the multiple needs of a large group of employees.  Depending on the exact type of transition the business is experiencing is the basis of what type of service could be needed.  For example, if the business is going through a merger or acquisition, services needed could include Leadership Training, Team Building, Supervisory or Management Training, or other services to address specific challenges.

With our world continuing to battle the COVID-19, it is even more important for the employees to believe that their employers will be supportive of them if a closing or a large reduction is required.

If there is a large number of employees, needing lots of help changing to a different career, there are programs an effective Outplacement firm can provide.  Compass Career Management Solutions has worked in 35 states as well as large groups of employees across a wide range of industries.  It is important to understand that managing a business transition requires strategic planning and implementation.  Hiring an experienced, professional transition firm can help you avoid legal entanglements, negative PR, while ensuring your organization will be viewed as responsible and supportive.  Your firm is encouraged to strive to be of the highest integrity and sensitive to all.; 704-849-2500