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When You Were a Child, What Career Did You Dream to Have?

Most of us imagined ourselves in a special role for when we became an adult.  I’m telling my age, but I wanted to be a cowgirl, in particular Dale Evans, who played opposite of Roy Rogers, who was a cowboy and actually became her husband.  My parents even bought me a “cowgirl” outfit, which I absolutely loved!!!  (Unfortunately, my horse was my mother’s broom.)

Today I imagine many children probably have loftier imaginations that better match today’s technology (i.e. an astronaut to Mars, outer-space technician, a genius scientist, a super surgeon, an extravagant architect, a scientist who creates cures for serious illnesses, etc.)

When preparing to go to college, I had chosen a profession that I thought my father would find a pleasant surprise – to become a teacher, as he was one.  However, he asked why I wanted to be a teacher, and I was surprised he even asked.  I said I “wanted to help others to learn.”  I still value teaching and coaching others, though not as I initially planned.  Instead, I help people transition to fulfilling profession or explore different professions, making a change to a more rewarding career.

The fact is people need to select a career which allows them to earn money for a living.  New occupations are being developed, while others have been known to come to an end.  There are many occupations, of which people are unaware.  Technology is definitely a “hot area” these days, though there are still many other jobs, such as “skilled labor”, that are in very high demand.  (Electricians, welders, plumbers, carpenters, etc. are not given the consideration they deserve, as they are VERY well-paid jobs and are in BIG DEMAND!)

Healthcare is another role that is badly needed – due largely to our growing population of older adults.  However, much of the healthcare industry is under tremendous stress.  Before COVID arrived, hospitals and health insurance agencies were affecting many medical students and existing doctors, etc. with overly strict rules for the medical staff, which has caused a substantial number to leave the profession.  This is tragic!  And COVID has surely increased the stress.

Students and transitioning employees should give all occupations fair consideration.  Choose one that uses your skills and personality, as well as paying your bills.  Compass Career Management Solutions are experts in career coaching, managing transitions, and teaching about alternatives.; 704-849-2500