Difficult Concerns During COVID – How You Can Help

Providing Nourishmentmakeshift care centers

              Provide Nourishment                     Setting Up Medical Support Centers

There are so many concerns during this horrible pandemic crisis.  People are in need in numerous ways.  With so many types of needs, there is always something that any person can do to help.  Any willing person can help in dozens of ways.

  • Thousands are in need of food or groceries, whether offering to serve meals or provide bags/boxes of groceries.
  • Locating medical/health supplies, beds for the ill, providing space to house the sick.
  • Helping to pay for peoples’ rent or utilities.
  • Others are needing jobs to support families.
  • Still more need emotional and moral support, and encouragement, as well as offer religious assistance.
  • While so many young children need comforted and nurturing when parents are sick.
  • Many need clothing, coats, bedding, diapers, etc.
  • People can also collect or donate financial help to those who have lost jobs to purchase prescriptions, household items, shelter, personal hygiene supplies, etc.

The list of needs goes on and on.  It is extremely humbling for many of these people to ask or beg for help.  Many find this graveling so demeaning, though most parents would do anything to seek help for their children.

There are many legitimate organizations, who can direct you to where you can donate funds or physical support.  With COVID-19 continuing to affect so many people, any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Of course, churches and many public non-profits would be pleased to inform you of a credible resource.  Your genuine support would be so very much valued.  You can reach out to any viable organization.  Your caring efforts would be a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing.

www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500